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Sweater: MbMJ, Skirt: F21, Sunglasses: here, Shoes: Cole Haan, Bag: Miu Miu

So I wore something besides yoga pants. And my sister was there to snap these pictures for proof. Thanks, Jen! Last year I felt super inspired by the Tory Burch Fall collection and even though it’s Spring, I still love the combo of cute sweaters, form fitting skirts, and spectator pumps.

Funny thing, I ended up converting this Miu Miu bag into a diaper bag. Sometimes I want to use my bag for non-mommy stuff so I pull out diapers and lone baby socks and just laugh to myself. Months ago I had an existential dilemma about choosing a diaper bag. I mean, do I carry my identity in my purse or something?? What is my identity with a big stiff canvas baby bag said to “contain a flap for mom’s necessities so you don’t need a purse” A flap. Do the remnants of my dignity fit in there too, Petunia Pickle Bottom? Just kidding, I want one. These are the sort of things I think about. 

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