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Peek Into My Closet

This is what I see every day when I walk toward my closet. I may be feeling low but when I open my closet door, I get a burst of energy from all the colors, textures, and sentiment attached to different garments. And my shoes are just there being fabulous. 

In my dresser I keep things like jeans, cotton tees, and lingerie. I included a picture because my perfumes, jewelry boxes, and other trinkets always brighten my day.

The best fashion advice I can give any woman is be really picky about what you put in your closet. This is a good way to ensure you have a closet full of things you absolutely love! I personally believe your wardrobe is always unfinished and changing. 

Also, remember it can take years to develop a wardrobe your truly love. So don’t worry if you are just starting out. I definitely believe in quality over quantity. <3

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