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The Striped Dress

It’s been a long time since I mentioned body acceptance on my blog because I feel as though it’s implicit in everything I do here. Sometimes I think I’m blogging for three people—my sister, and my friends Gabi and Xtina. But then I check my stats and see that thousands visit each week and I think OMG who are you all?

I realize that each of you has your own distinct relationship with body image. So while some of us may be thinking “now, where can I find leather tap pants in my size?” others are still trying to wear horizontal stripes. My thoughts on body image are myriad, but my attitude can be distilled to “who cares!” Seriously, who cares if other people don’t think a certain size/shape shouldn’t wear stripes. It’s liberating to stop caring so much about what others want and to start paying attention to the things you want. So if you are a new to body acceptance or my blog, welcome.

I love this black and cream striped dress I bought this summer (it’s the dress I wore to my baby shower in August). But today I paired it with these nearly opaque black tights, which are I love because they’re so dark with just a hint of transparency. To finish it off, I added a bow belt, these cat eye sunglasses, Kenneth Jay Lane triangle earrings, YSL Rouge Volupte (12) lipstick, nude mani, and heels by Agent Provocateur. Something about autumn makes patent leather so, so good.

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