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Just Add Baby!

Here are some pictures from my baby’s nursery. I still want to add a few more things but we have all the essentials. Just waiting for baby’s arrival now!

Crib by Stokke. I love the round corners. Check out the sleep sheep inside, she emits soothing sounds to help baby sleep. 

A glider chair is essential for those long nights. I added this pink Moroccan pouf for a little color and also for usefulness, when paired with the chair it’s comfortable enough for a nap.
This quilt was lovingly made by baby’s grandmother—so many adorable details! Bee quilt clips from etsy shop Little Elephant, which has lots of cute baby decor. 

Beautiful mobile by one of my favorite baby brands Kushies Zolo, which we received as a baby shower gift. I learned young babies react to high contrast colors, so I love Kushies because their baby items aid development while adding whimsy to baby’s room.

Everyone tells me babies love to swing. 
I’m trying to be as natural a mom as I can be, so I have some great products by Earth Mama and California Baby. Also love the Osocozy cloth diapers (though I still need lots more in terms of cloth diapering!) and Broody Chick 100% natural disposable diapers.
A few items I really love, including this footed onesie (bees!), ComoTomo baby bottles, Counting Kisses baby book, and Halloween socks by Carters.
That’s all! Looks like baby should be here within the week, we are so excited. And can’t wait for my first post-baby outfit post. xx

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