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Of the spring fashion trends for this year, I think the sporty trend is most intriguing. Relaxed silhouettes, sweats + heels, and boxy crops tops have a ’90s girl vibe that I love. I had to give it a feminine touch that is more my style: this kiss print top was the perfect way to do it.

Top: H&M, Pants: Torrid, Jacket: Evans, Heels: Louboutin, Cuff: Vince Camuto

When I started my blog Jay Miranda, it was premised on being confident in your skin and expressing that through fashion. One of the questions I get the most is, “How do you become confident in your body?”

For me, it’s a process that starts with being kinder to yourself and remembering that your body is pretty amazing. Plus, your body is a part of you, but you are so much more.

I made this video a month ago and wondered if I should share something that feels a little vulnerable. But if I want other people to be brave in their bodies, I have to be brave with mine. So here it is. I’m dedicating this video to my daughter for making me whole and to every reader who has ever enjoyed this blog. Love, Jay.

Capturing the Moment

Some moments are gifts. When you’re in one they feel like you’re dreaming even though you’re awake. When they happen, I think to myself “Don’t forget this, don’t forget this.” Here’s my story about saving those memories and sometimes, losing them.

I’m a proponent of capturing the moment, and that means I use technology on a daily basis. Like a lot of parents, I rely on my phone to capture the small moments and details that mean so much to me.

First moments.

It’s my opinion that before new parents leave the hospital each one should get a smartphone. If you are considering an awesome baby shower gift, get mom and dad a cool phone if they don’t have one.

In the weeks after I gave birth, reading on my phone helped keep me awake during those long nights. Of course, I try to snap pictures of every adorable moment!

Little moments.

Funny moments.

Sometimes blurry moments.

Not long ago, our one year old daughter started to learn how to count. If you have a toddler in your family or circle of friends, I highly recommend the book Ten Little Ladybugs. Our daughter loves grasping at the tiny red bugs that pop out of the page as we count together.

From then on, our house was prime for spontaneous bouts of counting. We’d say “Good job big girl” and I can only imagine she did it to elicit our happy, smiling reactions.

Last night Julia woke up at around 3am, which thankfully only happens once in a while these days. My husband got up like the champ that he is but she wouldn’t fall asleep. At this point I got up to help. She settled into the nook of my arm and chest and I draped my wrap around us both.

She looked up at me and was silent, which is rare. I looked at her and whispered “I love you” and she smiled like she knew what that meant.

She looked up at me with her big eyes and whispered “Two.” My eyes welled up and I said “mama and baby make two” just before she nodded off.

I’ve had an iPhone for a long time but I’m considering switching to a Nokia Lumia. Any thoughts? I like the amazing picture quality and I’ve just been disappointed with some iPhone features. My phone has never synced correctly to the cloud. When I was forced to update, it messed up and I had to restore to factory settings! I lost months of pictures and I cried. Not even photo restoring services could get them back. Thanks to Instagram, I still have these here.

Here’s to all the fleeting moments where I didn’t have a phone handy. Those are the moments that are only captured by the heart.

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